Good-bye nun shoes! RIP!

November 14, 2011

Hello all!

Well, you spoke and I listened.

On my last post, I had a feeling that my black shoes had probably missed the mark in the style department, and the feedback from everyone came back loud and clear – these black Alfani shoes are too chunky and dated.

My first clue came when my dear friend Laurie called me “Sister Brenda”. So I Googled “What do nun shoes look like?” and found this on Answers.com: “black tie oxfords with chunky 1.5 inch heel.”

Yep, I was wearing nun shoes.

And just to be sure, I posted my question to the  You Look Fab forum, and they reiterated what I had suspected:  “The shoes are a bit dated because of the square toe shape and chunky heel.” and “Time to ditch the shoes!”

Can I just say how much I love the You Look Fab forum? It is the best place to go if you want an immediate, honest answer about an outfit (or anything to do with fashion and style). They have also made it very easy to upload pictures right from your computer, so you don’t have to use Flickr or Photobucket anymore.

The ladies in the YLF forum are kind, supportive and encouraging. Through them I have learned many things about my body type (I have a waist and I need to show it!), proper pants length (this was a hard one for me to learn) and pleated pants are definitely way out of style (thank God!).

It’s like having a group of 100+ fashion mavens at your fingertips.

Well, back to my shoes. The ladies from the YLF forum gave me a couple of suggestions (here and here) of inexpensive shoes that might be good replacements.  I loved these styles, and figured I’d have to bite the bullet and shop retail for them. I never thought I’d find cute shoes like these in my size in a secondhand store…..

But I was wrong! Look at these adorable A2 (Aerosoles) I found at Restyle consignment store for only….wait for it……$10.99! They are in great condition, have a cute little zipper on the side, and almost look military-ish.  I love them! 

The best part is  I found these exact same shoes on ebay for $89.99!

So thank you all for steering me in the right style direction!

And on my next post, I’m going to elaborate on the shoe selection at Restyle, as I start my ” Complete Des Moines-area Secondhand Store Directory”.  Stay tuned~!

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